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Geopsy team is developing, distributing and maintaining open source software for geophysical research and application. Born during SESAME European Project, it has provided tools for processing ambient vibrations with site characterization in mind. Progressively, more conventional techniques (such as MASW or refraction) are included to offer a high quality, comprehensive and free platform for the interpretation of geophysical experiments.

The documentation is structured around tutorials and reference manuals. The first are aimed at describing step by step some common tasks of ambient vibration processing. The second provide more detailed explanations of the software features. The tutorials contain many links to the reference part. Man pages are unix-like documentations of all command line options.


Geopsy applications and libraries are virtually available for all platforms supported by Qt. However, only the most common ones are supported by Geopsy project.

Quick start tutorials

Reference manuals

General scientific background

Man pages

(What's a unix-man page?)

All Geopsy.org applications accept command line options, even graphical interfaces like geopsy or dinver. Man pages are equivalent to -h or -help options. Note that under Windows using MSYS console or Git bash is strongly recommended to fully exploit all possibilities of shell scripting (do not use the default MS-DOS console).

Developer documentation

This section is of interest only for people who wants to be involved in code development, bug fixes or administration. Application Programmer Interface and source code browser.

Source repository

The best option is to work directly in a git repository.


Further improvements