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Versions of projects

The distribution archive, is made of a lot individual applications and libraries that have their own version. Branches are either stable, testing or devel. Every day changes on all branches are automatically analyzed. Results are directly available in a browser here.

Modifications of source code is characterized by its level (script dpversionreport):

  • Level 3: modification of object interface (.h files)
  • Level 2: modification of object implementation (.cpp files)
  • Level 1: currently not used
  • Level 0: no modification

Version numbers are made of three parts: A.B.C.

Report of recent modifications and suggestions for version change is available at Projects listed in user, restricted and linux are processed. For the other groups run the report manually:

 dpsubdo -l install dpversionreport

Version reporting is currently linked to compilation factory. It might change in the future to report all projects, including more private ones.

Version model for applications and plugins

  • A: major modifications with drastic changes for the end-user
  • B: minor modifications for the end-user
  • C: minor bug fixes almost invisible for the end-user

Version model for shared libraries

  • A: major modifications of the API: compatibility with old codes is not guaranteed.
  • B: minor modifications of the API: some classes or functions were added, inline functions were modified, arguments were added with default values to keep compatibility with old codes. In other words, old codes can still be compiled without modification but binary compatibility is not guaranteed.
  • C: minor revision: API is not modified and binary compatibility is guaranteed. Classes or functions can still be added but inline status or inline contents cannot be modified. Number of arguments cannot be changed. Class members cannot be modified.

There can be also a release name added after a dash. The most common is '-snapshot-YYMMDD' for unstable development releases. In such case, version is labeled as 0.0.0.

The summary is an executable bash script that can be used to increment versions of individual applications and libraries. For each modification level, a version increment is labeled B (level 3) or C (level 2). Level 3 may be subject to discussion in case of minor modification of a header file. Modifications on the current stable branch cannot be other that C.

 ######################### geopsy/geopsycore #########################
 cd gptools/gpsort
 dpversion C
 cd $OLD_DIR

Once this is done for all packets, you can commit the new versions to the repository:

 dpsubdo dpversion c
 dpsubdo dpversion t

Tagging is mandatory for proper version reporting. Do not tag nor change version before a successful test of the distributed archive.

Version of project list

 cd admin
 dversion s

Eventually, set a snapshot version:

 dpversion S

commit the new versions to the repository:

 dpversion c


Set snapshot date to all packets (do this before ./quickpack on the server):

 dpsubdo dpversion S

Commit version change:

 dpsubdo dpversion c

Release production#Tagging


First remove all temporary files (especially those generated by previous conflicts):


We merge changes made on a devel branch to the testing branch. Make sure that all modification are committed (also in admin)

 cd testing
 cd admin
 cd ..

We start by merging admin directory

 cd admin
 dpcheckout devel
 dpcheckout testing
 git merge devel
 cd ..

For all project for which the testing branch does not exist, it is better to switch temporarily the default branch to devel instead of testing (reset afterwards).

 cd admin
 dpcheckout devel
 cd ..
 dpsubdo dpcheckout devel
 cd admin
 dpcheckout testing

Then merging itself

 dpsubdo dpcheckout testing
 dpsubdo git merge devel
 dpsubconfig -g

Creating a new branch

We assume that current master branch is 2.1. We want to move master to 2.2. We re-create a complete development tree.

 mkdir 2.2
 git clone ssh://
 mv geopsyprojects admin
 cp ../2.1/admin/options.sub admin
 # Edit to change destination path
 cp ../2.1/admin/projects.default admin
 dpsubconfig -f
 dpsubdo dpstableh

After first successful build, remove the 3rd parties from file to avoid problems with QtCreator

We assume /usr/local/ as the destination path

 export PATH=/usr/local/$PATH

Within the previous master tree

 cd 2.1
 dpsubdo cp admin/version-master admin/version-2.1
 dpsubdo git add admin/version-2.1
 dpsubdo git branch 2.1
 dpsubdo dpcheckout 2.1
 dpsubdo git commit -a -m "New branch 2.1"
 cd admin
 cp admin/version-master admin/version-2.1
 git add admin/version-2.1
 git branch 2.1
 dpcheckout 2.1

Log to Windows server, Sources server and Mac OS X server

 Add branch 2.2 to option.factory (in BRANCHES)
 Run dpfacsetoptions to create the source tree