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This is the list of applications and commands commonly used for the inversion of surface waves. Notes that dinver and gpdcreport are not restricted to surface wave inversion.


  • dinver: inversion with Neighborhood Algorithm[1] modified after [2]. Various plug-ins are available each one implementing a specific inversion problem:
    • Surface wave inversion (dinverdc)
    • Custom forward problem computed with Matlab (dinvermatlab)
    • Custom forward problem computed with an external tool (dinverext)

Forward computations

  • gplivemodel: interactive plot of dispersion curve, ellipticity curve and SH transfer function
  • gpdc: computation of dispersion curves.
  • gpec8: determines site class from Vs profiles (Eurocode 8).
  • gpell: computation of ellipticity curves.
  • gpsh: computation of SH transfer curves (available but empty).
  • gpspac: computation of auto-correlation ratio curves.
  • gprefra: computation of travel time ("classical refraction").


  • gppoisson: simple converter between Poisson's ratio, Vs, and Vp.
  • gpprofile: extracts Poisson's ratio, Vs, or Vp profiles from a model file. Additionally, it can output Vs30, Vs average at any depth, envelope of an ensemble of profile, resample profiles,...
  • gpsort: re-arranges curve order in a file (handy for gppac output).
  • gpgroup2phase: scans possible phase dispersion curves from a group dispersion curve.
  • gpmodel2param: transforms a model file into a parameterized ground structure
  • gpparam2model: produces model files from parameter sets and a given parametrized ground structure.


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