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Importing signals

Importing signals

To load signals click on the right arrow of the Import Signals icon IconImport.png. Alternatively select File menu and select Import signals. There are four options to import signals (see the list in the figure on the right) and follows this link for more details. Select the File option to open one or more data files located on your computer (or external hardware). Several data formats are supported by Geopsy.

Note that clicking on this icon IconOpen.png lead to open a database and do not allow to import signal files.

Viewing signals

If only one file is loaded, then by default the signal is automaticaly displayed in the Table and Graphic viewers (one can change this default parameter in the Preferences). If more than one file is loaded, only the signal names appear in the Files tool bar. Simply drag and drop the signal names into Table Icontable.png or Graphic IconGraphic.png viewers to edit the medata or the signals. Altenatively, click right on the selected signals (or All signals to edit all imported signals) and choose Table, Graphic or Map viewer.

For instance, importing the provided data set (LEP20100224_RING01.tgz, for windows use 7zip [1]) and opening all signals in Table and Graphic viewers would lead to the picture shown below. The properties of the signal viewers (Table, Graphic, Chronogram or Map) can be easily modified. Please refer to the signal viewers section for more details.

Imported signals

Creating a database

Any changes in the signal properties can be saved in a database, in a single file.