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The workshop will be held from Monday 8th to Friday 12th of March 2010 at SUN Beach Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece.


List of participants
Name Arrival Departure Wiki login Topics of interest
Matthias Ohrnberger Monday Friday Mao FK, HRFK, warangps, max2curve, spac2disp, batch signal processing
Alexandros Savvaidis Monday Friday Alexandros Savvaidis Dinver, command line for inversion reports and for graphics
Jean-Luc Chatelain Monday Friday Gaillot H/V, Damping, Spectra, XY Plots, Waveforms, Makeup...
Cécile Cornou Monday Friday Cecile MASW, SPAC, Database, forward computation utilities
Marc Wathelet Monday Friday Marc Coordination, formats, assistance
Bertrand Guillier Monday Friday Bertrand Guillier H/V, Damping, Spectra, XY Plots, Makeup...
Pierre-Yves Bard Tuesday Friday Pierre-Yves Bard gpec8, gpsh, gpprofile, Review
Salomon Haleimikail Monday Thursday Salomon Hailemikael Graphic
Clotaire Michel Monday Friday Clotaire Michel Damping, Structure, ?
Sylvette Thomassin Monday Friday Sylvette Thomassin H/V, Array processing, Inversion, Waveforms
Nikos Theodoulidis Thursday Friday Nikos Theodoulidis Review
Donat Fäh Wednesday Thursday HVTFA, Review
Paola Teves-Costa Monday Friday Paula Teves Costa Review all topics



  • Introduction
    • Presentation of Wiki environment
    • Help page
    • Making and loading a snapshot
    • Documentation rules
    • Usage versus good practice
    • Page naming conventions
    • New link rules
  • Installation of last Geopsy version
  • Topic interest
  • Task distribution
  • Writing and reviewing
  • Cross-linking session to improve consistency and relations between pages.

Tuesday to Thursday

  • Writing and reviewer task distributions
  • Writing and reviewing
  • Cross-linking session to improve consistency and relations between pages.


  • Summary from reviewer
  • Identify missing or obsolete parts

General topics


  • Graphic sheets
  • Color palette
  • Legend
  • XY Plots (layers,...)
  • Curve browser (resampling, cut,...)
  • Images
  • Text
  • Make up files
  • Page files
  • Layer files
  • Figue command line examples
  • Look and feel over various platforms

Command lines

  • General file format comments (xml)
  • Usage and examples


  • General features:
    • many things to be re-formated from old html documentation
    • Waveform description
  • Tutorials
    • Viewing signal files
    • Database creation
    • Spectra
    • TFA
    • H/V
    • Damping
    • H/V TFA
    • Theoretical array response
    • FK
    • HRFK
    • SPAC
    • MASW


  • gpdc...
  • warangps
  • gpfksimulator
  • max2curve
  • spac2disp
  • gphistogram
  • gpdepths


  • Dispersion curve inversion
  • Spac inversion
  • Combined inversions
  • Parameterization (maybe later -- good practice)
  • Re-design description of target input-> to be moved to Curve browser

A graphical map

  • Process oriented
  • command line streams

Task distribution


Current tasks
Name Task
Matthias Ohrnberger Ambient vibration array quick tutorial - FK-Toolbox
Alexandros Savvaidis Dinver
Jean-Luc Chatelain H/V
Cécile Cornou spac toolbox
Marc Wathelet Coordination, SciFig: Legend, renaming ": "
Bertrand Guillier H/V
Salomon Haleimikail Graphic
Clotaire Michel Geopsy: Waveform Menu
Sylvette Thomassin Opening and viewing signals / Database
Paola Teves-Costa Inversion review

Cross-link discussion

  • Merge Geopsy: Tools and Menu tools
  • Copy part of 'Ambient_vibration_array#Common_pre-requisites_for_array_processing_-_getting_ready' to Geopsy: Tools and make link, merge also with spac description of the same widget.
  • Move the time limit editor description to an individual page
  • Revise and eventually move windowing param to H/V
  • Quote instead of image for command line or text file contents (in FK and SPAC)
  • Curve browser: expand parser description and move some descriptions from Curve Browser
  • How FFT are computed in Geopsy
  • Use of console: revert signal processing + save temporary signals


Current tasks
Name Task
Matthias Ohrnberger FK, splitting methods (at end of the day)
Alexandros Savvaidis Column text parser and curve browser
Jean-Luc Chatelain H/V
Cécile Cornou SPAC
Marc Wathelet Coordination
Bertrand Guillier H/V
Salomon Haleimikail View Menu Signal Viewer
Clotaire Michel Geopsy: Waveform Menu
Sylvette Thomassin Database
Paola Teves-Costa ? review
Pierre-Yves Bard gpec8, gpsh + review


Current tasks
Name Task
Matthias Ohrnberger FK, HRFK
Alexandros Savvaidis SciFigs: legend, color palettes, graphic sheet
Jean-Luc Chatelain H/V
Cécile Cornou End of SPAC, MASW
Marc Wathelet Coordination
Bertrand Guillier H/V
Salomon Haleimikail Signal Viewers
Clotaire Michel Waveform menu: basic processings
Sylvette Thomassin Database preferences, set headers
Paola Teves-Costa
Pierre-Yves Bard

Cross-link discussion

  • Alekos: references to REGEXP on web still missing
  • Remove Fast Fourier and merge pages
  • Direct link to Geopsy in main page
  • FK and SPAC tutorials to be reviewed
  • Some links to fix in database preferences
  • set receivers from Mao's work on warangps
  • Geopsy core description ready for review
  • Output tab in H/V
  • H/V Map tools
  • Review H/V and spectrum (+rotation) tomorrow afternoon
  • link from table and preferences to database


  • Graph and palette are finished, still missing: Layer, properties (Marc) and Make-up (Gaillot tomorrow)
  • Review warangps
  • validation of rotate components
  • dinver graphical: generic presentation (extract from DC inversion)
  • Dinver: remove installation, move NA to backkground papers
  • Damping is still missing (Clotaire for tomorrow)
  • Temporary signals (Marc)
  • Filter Details: Effect of very low frequency on H/V
  • Open links detected by PY (Matthias)
  • Unclear in Subtract signals: which signal you subtract from...
  • Difference with cut and taper ... fix comment: "Cut is like taper"
  • Review from Cut to Correlation (PY tomorrow)
  • Review of "View menu"
  • Finish Geopsy:Graphic (Sylvette)
  • Graphic output of H/V and spectrum still missing (Gaillot et Bertrand)
  • Spectrum and H/V to review
  • HV rotate and spectrum: just a paragraph to present it


After 5 days of exhausting work, we reach a total of 131 pages, 461 uploaded files, 40 wanted pages, too many unused files.

Many Thanks!