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Bug 2342 :

Status: Obsolete


General information


Segmentation fault Signal

2012-10-25 19:02:38.121


Current thread: main thread

---- thread main
bool GeopsyCore::DoubleSignal::smoothFixedTriang(double, double, double):1926
bool GeopsyCore::DoubleSignal::smooth(const QGpCoreTools::SmoothingParameters&, double, double):1815
GeopsyCore::DoubleSignal* HVStationSignals::horizontal(double, MonoStation::SpectrumParameters*):81
void HVRotateStation::computeHV(const GeopsyCore::TimeRange&, MonoStation::SpectrumParameters&, QGpCoreTools::IrregularGrid2D&):98
virtual void HVRotateStation::start(MonoStation::SpectrumParameters&):72
virtual void MonoStation::AbstractTool::start():618
---- thread layerPainter1
void GeopsyGui::SignalLayer::drawSignal(const SciFigs::GraphContentOptions&, QPainter&, const GeopsyCore::Signal*, int, int, int, double, double, bool, double, int, bool, bool) const:454
virtual void GeopsyGui::SignalLayer::paintData(const SciFigs::LayerPainterRequest&, QPainter&, double) const:813
void SciFigs::GraphContentLayer::paint(const SciFigs::LayerPainterRequest&, QPainter&, double):202
void SciFigs::LayerPainterRequest::paintLayers(QPainter&):93
virtual void SciFigs::LayerPainterThread::run():59

---- thread main
---- thread layerPainter1
---- thread main
---- thread layerPainter1

Developer comments (common to all duplicates if any)

Still no comments.

Systems and versions

Windows XP
  Qt                  4.6.3
  QGpCoreTools        1.22.0 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201206291117)
  GeopsyCore          3.4.4 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201206291117)
  QGpGuiTools         1.13.2 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201201301054)
  SciFigs             2.6.3 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201206291117)
  GeopsyGui           2.10.2 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201201301054)
  GeopsySLink         1.0.0 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201101031552)
  GeopsySLinkGui      1.0.1 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201103131943)
  geopsy              2.8.0 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201206291117)
  QGpCoreWave         1.0.0 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201105121034)
  ArrayCore           2.0.0 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201105121039)
  DinverCore          0.9.3 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201109161015)
  QGpCompatibility    0.3.1 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201103131942)
  DinverDCCore        1.6.1 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201109161015)
  QGpGuiWave          0.6.1 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201102011717)
  geopsyarray         2.4.2 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201206291117)
  MonoStation         1.7.3 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201201301054)
  geopsyhv            2.6.5 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201201301054)
  structureratios     0.5.2 from geopsypack-2.4.4	(built on 201109161016)

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