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Bug 1981 :

Status: Obsolete


General information


QDir::rmdir: Empty or null file name(s)

2012-01-20 11:59:18.698


Current thread:

---- thread main
static void GeopsyPackCore::PackageEngine::rmdir(const QString&, bool):280
void GeopsyPackCore::PackageFile::rmdir(const QString&) const:173
void GeopsyPackCore::PackageObject::rmdir(const QString&) const:637
bool GeopsyPackCore::PackageEnvironment::uninstallInfo(bool):1021

---- thread main
---- thread main

Developer comments (common to all duplicates if any)

Still no comments.

Systems and versions

Windows 7
  Qt                  4.6.3
  QGpCoreTools        1.21.0 from geopsypack-2.4.0	(built on 201105121025)
  QGpGuiTools         1.13.0 from geopsypack-2.4.0	(built on 201105121030)
  geopsypackinstall   1.0.1 from geopsypack-2.4.0	(built on 201105121103)

User comments

User reports

22042012-01-20 09:29:49