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Version setup

  • Commit all changes
  • Check versions and eventually run version script
  • Update configure scripts (hard coded version)
 dpsubconfig -g
  • Commit individual versions
 dpsubdo dpversion c

If it fails, proceed to manual commit with


The usual message for new versions is "Version X.Y.Z"

  • Tag
 dpsubdo dpversion t
 dpsubdo git tag -a geopsypack-3.3.1 -m "Release Geopsy Pack 3.3.1"
 dpsubpush -f
  • Update distribution repositories
 cd geopsypack
 dpversion A B or C
  • Start compilation servers manually or wait for night build

Release Notes

Release notes are built from commit comments.

dpsubreleasenotes 2.2.1 2.3.0

Eventually edit the final file before its publication:

scp release_notes-2.3.0


  • Connect on
  • Run in build directory
 ./publish src 3.4


  ./publish win64 3.4