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  1. Add mode in H/V: do not follow anti triggering rules
  2. Error saving circles in a page file or clipboard
  3. Rotate components: should work also with 2 components, with 2 dof inactive
  4. Spectrum Rotate should work also with 2 components
  5. Number of plots per line in H/V: ask for 4 get only 3 per line
  6. crash fk with distinct samp freq: assert commented in SparseTimeRange::find()
  7. crash fk if t0 is not a multiple of samp freq
  8. big value for signal overlap-> freeze under windows
  9. warangps: control set of station to avoid double names
  10. autocorr viewer under Windows 7... missing curves
  11. upgrade from 0209 to 0218, check info.xml, looks like still in 0209
  12. Re-install liveversions (see sesarray account)
  13. bug: gaps added due to round errors around midnight. If start recording just after midnight lot of gaps are inserted. Problem is in DynamicSignal
  14. There might be a small bug while reading a log file (file of the processing parameters)in the H/V spectral ratio toolbox:
    1. the global time range is not updated
    2. the Konno & Homachi constant is not updated
  15. max2curve crash while loading mspac max output when selected ring or component index that does not exist - spinbox min/max values should be limited to existing indices in file - more cosmetic: start indexing by 1(?)
  16. Layer with color palette as properties: problem if more than one object is selected at a time, strange corruption of the palette table
  1. spac2disp coherence between select et la disp 2010-09-11
  2. Check adjust curve from LinearFK 2010-05-07
  3. Object names of graphs and objects in HV, spectum,... results 2010-05-06
  4. Chronogram is crahing with signals having Undefined components 2010-05-05
  5. error hv/update option: free cache increases all the time 2010-05-05
  6. memory leakage in dinverdc 2010-04-20
  7. Remove all layers of a graph: caches bitmap is not updated 2010-04-19
  8. "Use same" checkbox in parser to place on first not on last file 2010-04-16
  9. Coordinates for ring editor in warangps 2010-03-29
  10. ASCII filter in geopsy: double save bug, proper refresh and resize of columns 2010-03-21
  11. Fix H/V and tools command line 2010-03-19
  12. make clean, then configure, make problems with ...Install.h 2010-03-18
  13. Fix export of GSE files 2010-03-16


  1. Mask properties does not work for objects
  2. Warning if specified time limits are not inside the range of available signals in H/V or spectrum
  3. Resize grip for toolboxes et tables
  4. Rename geopsynr into geopsystack
  5. Height of time windows two small for single signal graphic viewers
  6. Decimate amplitude: input directly dynamic in bits (1,...12, ...24)
  7. Remove unneeded windowing options for FK and H/V (keep exactly for FK but check it)
  8. Show tool name in signal viewer title bar
  9. Chronogram not present in group or file context menu
  10. Replace SPAC by MSPAC
  11. "Any component" is not really explicit in Spectrum for raw anti-trigger
  12. "H/V" appears in "Structure" preferences
  13. Margins for parser in curve browser
  14. CTRL+T does not work for windows (new table)--> maybe to remove and replace by new tab
  15. Global time limits and windows in separated tabs (move HP filter to pre-processing)
  16. line weight for H/V after saved as page
  17. Complete NumericalLineEdit (problem for space)
  18. Check differences between limits from FK and warangps
  19. visited model>total models in dinver
  20. check speed improvement under windows for FK (do it for FK 3C)
  21. rework windows selection in H/V
  22. Change input of LinearFK: unify taper and processing window
  23. Discuss : is the term "Decimate amplitude" appropriate ? Should not it be "Amplitude discretization ?" ("Decimation" may be misleading)
  24. Rename x & y-axis to frequency and slowness in MASW toolbox
  25. on a plot, <control> pomme P doesn't display properties as expected, but time delay
  26. Names in tool tips should be the same as in Geopsy: Tools
  1. Option for plane waves in gpfksimulator (disable distance, Q and X, Y, Z) 2011-01-06
  2. display direction of signals in gpfksimulator by connecting line from center to circle. 2011-01-06
  3. H/V: uncheck update by default 2011-01-03
  4. No antitrigger by defaut 2011-01-03
  5. Default tab for FK processing 2011-01-03
  6. Fix color of grid lines (no effect from properties) 2010-04-19

New features

  1. Tabs in Geopsy workspace
  2. Filter in Particle motion
  3. Complete attributes for CircleViewer (Pen, Brush,...)
  4. Dashed circles in warangps for kmin/2,...
  5. Add update or not amplitude scale option in output H/V tab
  6. In H/V map options, add image background (easier access than properties)
  7. water fall plot for H/V summary
  8. keyboard shortcuts for dinver run managements
  9. statistical h/v to re-implement
  10. setcategory from summary curve plot
  11. H/V cross section mark on map (projection angle in map options)
  12. small plot inside H/V map (for large prints)
  13. distance table in warangps
  14. Simple geometries in warangps and size factor, no gps=>mode manuel forcé
  15. add versions of plugins in -version option
  16. average computation without gap in geopsy signals
  17. Comments for H/V stations, modif of format .hv and .spec
  18. draw signal only when available: also average and maximum must take care of time range
  19. Remove TimeReference when loading files and set T0 as a DateTime. Add display options about time reference
  20. Save .param and .target files together with .report file, add option to import runs
  21. It would be nice to have a switch to suspend the bug report facility for long command line tasks.
  1. automatic limits in gphistogram 2010-03-17