auto-correlatic curve inversion

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auto-correlatic curve inversion

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Hi Marc,
When I invert the auto-correlatic curve, the minimum misfit value obtained is always large (about between 4 and 9), and I do not know how to adjust it specifically to reduce it. In addition, it always reminds me that the effective number of samples for dispersion curve is greater than 100, and what should I do with it? I also want to ask what should be paid attention to when setting the parameters of the soil layer. Thank you very much!

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Wang Ziqian
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Re: auto-correlatic curve inversion

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Hi Wang,

Effectively the inversion of SPAC curves is not as straight forward as a dispersion curve. Did you select the consistent samples in spac2disp? In spac2disp, you have to bracket the dispersion curve between two curves, and with the minimum and maximum wavenumber. Click on "Select". You'll see black and grey samples. The black one provide a solution inside your limits, the others not. Save a new target file and invert it.

Yo avoid the warning, make sure that all curves have the same sampling. Resample them eventually.

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