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Active FK

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Dear, when using geopsy the active FK tool, when loading several MASW records, let's say 5, when processing it only shows 2 arrays, I need it to show all 5, but it doesn't.
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Re: Active FK

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Each output plot is associated to one seismic event. First of all, check the seismic event table (right click on the toolbar if it is not yet visible). Each event is identified by its time of occurrence and a location. When you select your records for processing, all "matching" events are gathered and signals are assigned to each event. Matching means that the time and the location are compatible. The time of the shot must be before the end of the record but not too far before the starting time of the record. A rule of thumb based on a reasonable seismic velocity and on the known distance between the source and the sensor is used.

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