first question about Geopsy 3.5.1

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first question about Geopsy 3.5.1

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Hi Marc,
thanks for the new release of Geopsy!
I have a first question about the H/V tool.
In the H/V toolbox/processing/taper window "flat top" appears the first time I use it. Is this a new indication compared to that of previous releases (Tukey) or is it simply a setting "inherited" from a
my previous processing with this window type as trial (which remains even if a different version is used)?
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Re: first question about Geopsy 3.5.1

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Hi Luigi,

That's certainly inherited from your previous processing. "Flat Top" window function is not of particular interest for HV. If it appears now, it is probably due to an update of the list of windows that is based on the list available in Wikipedia.

I should add a simple way to reset to "factory defaults". It can be done by removing all keys related to in the registry (Windows) or ~/.config/geopsy* (Linux).

Best regards,

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