processes seismic data

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processes seismic data

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Dear Sir,

I want to know how the H/V tool processes seismic data, because when processing micro seismic data, the data is divided into many segments by adding Windows and then averaging. I want to know how to process seismic data and how to set relevant parameters.

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Peng Zhao
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Re: processes seismic data

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Hi Peng,

Do you mean active seismic data?
If so, you have to compute the spectrum ratio over a single window (adjust min and max time) with precise location (body wave, surface waves,...). If several shots are recorded with the station sensors, make sure that their starting time are compatible (multiple of sampling period). If the sensor name and coordinates are the same, HV tool can do the average over all shots. Gaps can be defined to prevent the generation of time windows on some parts of the signal.
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