Dispersion Correction

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Dispersion Correction

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Hi All,

I am kind of new to the Geopsy and dinver. While I am still trying, I faced an issue. This is the dispersion that I got from the geopsy:
nb .jpg
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I have problem removing the line between the points that the mode changes ( line between points on the x value of 20 and 25)! if I remove points, the line attaches to the next point. The idea that i came up was saving different files for different modes and load them in dinver separately. in this case, we have different tabs for our dispersion curves and I am not sure if the inversion understands it correctly ( i do not want to have two tabs--they are highlighted with yellow)?
seperated modes but in two files
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( i should say that i saw someone using dinver and they had all the modes in one tab without lines attaching different modes together--However I cannot mimic that)
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Re: Dispersion Correction

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That's perfect. If you trust these two branches of modes that's the best technique. They are probably two different modes. Having them separated in two distinct curves, you can assign different mode number. The left one can be assumed as the fundamental model (mode index 0), the right one as the first higher mode (mode index 1). According to the inversion results you may revise this first choice. A curve may be assigned several mode numbers. For each sample of the curve, the misfit is calculated with the mode that best fits the data.

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