conversion file ascii - > seg2 - segy - SU

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conversion file ascii - > seg2 - segy - SU

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Sto realizzando un programma di sismica e lo vorrei rendere compatibile da file di txt con il seg2 / segy o su.
Esite un sito dove poter scarricare il software di conversione, gratis o a pagamento, o un manuale pdf ?


je suis en train de réaliser un programme free de sismique et je voudrais le rendre compatible de files de text avec le seg2 / segy ou là su .
Il exsite un site où pouvoir décharger la source pour la conversion, free ou payant, ou un manual pdf standar seg2 /segy ou SU ?


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This is an English forum (it is just understood by the vast majority), please use this language in your posts.

As far as I understood your question, I think it is not the scope of this forum. If you want to write a seismic software, do not re-invent the wheel writing conversion tools. For instance, you can use Geopsy core libraries to read/write all file formats supported by Geopsy. Of course, in this case, you MUST release and distribute your new developments under GNU Public License (not just stating free software).

If you want support on how to link to Geopsy core, you'll find help in this forum.

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