Problem exporting SEG2 file format

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Problem exporting SEG2 file format

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I have got some files of the SEG-2 format. I'd like to alter some trace information and then export the files again and keep the file format, because I use some other programs to process the data.

After exporting the files they are corrupt and I cannot open it with any program except Geopsy. So it seems to be an error in the export routine.

I used the Geopsy 2.4.4 (geopsypack57-item-src-2.4.4) on a Ubuntu 12.04 64bit computer.

I just try to install the current development version.

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Problem exporting SEG2 file format

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Which program are you using for importing the corrupted SEG-2 files? Is it a commercial software? To seek for the problem I must run several tests here.

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