Using Greek prefixes of metric units in axes labels

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Using Greek prefixes of metric units in axes labels

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Hi Marc,

I just did some plots of spectra and wanted to label the Y-Axis correctly, which is in micrometers per second. However, I cannot generate a label with the Greek letter "mi" - either, everything is in font Symbol or nothing is. If it were the X-Axis, I could just leave the some space, write the axis label in some other font, e.g. Sans Serif, generate an additional text item with the "mi" (in font Symbol) and move it into the appropriate space. However, as the labeling for the Y-Axis is rotated by 90 deg and I don't think there is a way to rotate text in figue, I'm out of ideas... So, is there a way to have different fonts (i.e. Greek letters) in one axis label? Or can I somehow rotate text by 90 deg?


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Having rich text formatting in axis label can be implemented rather easily (replacing plain text and font properties by a single html property).

If you need this feature urgently, I see three options:
  • Use symbol "us" which generally means microseconds
  • Use plain text label "microseconds"
  • Create an image (e.g. with gimp) and imported with figue. This is less elegant and will require probably more work to adjust font size and familly.
A nice option would be to include Latex directly in axis labels. This is a much larger development work (unless someone already developed a Qt paint device for Latex rendering, that would be really handy).

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