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higher mode of dispersion curve and Dinver

Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2022 3:33 pm
by luigiV
Hi Marc,
if I strongly suspect that my dispersion curve is not representative of the fundamental mode, but of a higher mode, can I still use it (correctly indexed) for the HV-DC joint inversion?
With Dinver 1.1.3 (Geopsy 3.4.2) the program worked fine, but when I asked to view the dispersion curves, the two windows (fundamental and higher mode1) were empty selecting 1 for minimum and maximum index.
To view rightly the dispersion curves windows you have to select 0 for minimum and maximum index.
The same happens if I use two dispersion curves (mode 0 and 1). To view the inversion results of dispersion processing you still have to select 0 in dispersion viewer for minimum and maximum index.
I think it's a bug to fix
Best Regards