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Dinver, definition of conditions

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:48 am
by karamzad
Hi Marc,

I am using Dinver in external forward computation module.
My model parameters are seismic station locations (latitude and longitude).
I defined the 20 parameters like:
parameter("lat0","degree",20,40, "linear", 0.05);
parameter("lon0","degree",20,40, "linear", 0.05);
parameter("lat1","degree",20,40, "linear", 0.05);
parameter("lon1","degree",20,40, "linear", 0.05); and ...

I need to put conditions on minimum distance and maximum distance of each couple of stations (i.e: sqrt( ( lat0 - lat1)^2 + (lon0 - lon1)^2) >= 0.01 degree )

Could you please help me to define such conditions?

Thank you for your help,