New masw problem with Geopsy releases above 3.0

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New masw problem with Geopsy releases above 3.0

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Hi Marc, I'm working with Masw FK and after a first run where the FK results are correct for different time windows and offsets, the FK results no longer appear and the window remains empty without any error being highlighted in the message window, rather than the operation was completed.
I reloaded Geopsy 3.4.2 and also 3.3.6 having the foresight of clear the tools from Geopsyland, but to no avail. Obviously I tried with previous processed files too and and even with these it was not possible to obtain the FK spectrum.
Using an older version (2.10) the tool works.
This is the first time it has happened and I don't understand the reason.
What is your opinion?

thank you
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