Geopsy project

Geopsy team is developing, distributing and maintaining open source software for geophysical research and applications. Born during SESAME European Project, it has provided tools for processing ambient vibrations with site characterization in mind since 2005. Progressively, more conventional techniques (such as MASW or refraction) are included to offer a high quality, comprehensive and free platform for the interpretation of geophysical experiments.


Since the end of year 2005, we have been organizing courses about ambient vibrations and related techniques based on the software products developed in this project. These courses extend over 5 to 6 days and gather about 15 to 20 participants. If you want to learn more about Geopsy and Dinver software products, feel free to contact us. You can host a general audience course or we can organize a private training that fit exactly your requirements.

Using Ambient Vibration Techniques for Site Characterization and Seismic Microzonation

Monday, March 4th to Sunday, March 10th 2019
L'Aquila, Italy

All aspects of ambient vibrations analysis are reviewed during a seven-day course, read more ...

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Referencing these software products is not mandatory, however, we would appreciate that you properly reference this work, released for free, in all your publications or reports achieved thanks to applications. Here is a sorted list of published papers closely linked to these tools and their development.

Geopsy framework and main tools: H/V and array processing

Frequency-wavenumber, high resolution, spatial autocorrelation techniques, wavenumber limits linked to array geometries

Specific to spatial autocorrelation technique

Neighbourhood algorithm implemented in Dinver, dispersion curve inversion

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