Importance sampling

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This is an example based on the surface wave plugin. It can be run with any other inversion plugin.

  • Generate .report files as usual (command line or graphical user interface)
  • Run dinver with importance sampling mode (only command line), list several reports if needed.
 dinver -i DispersionCurve -importance-sampling -ns 10000 -o  -param 3_layers.param

You can use -resume to start this command several times appendingmodels to the same .report.

  • Plot the profile densities:
 gpdcreport | gpprofile -vs -resample -d 4000 -n 40 | grep -v "#"  | awk '{print $2,$1}' |
 gphistogram -y-min 150 -y-max 3500 -y-sampling log -x-min 0 -x-max 4000 -x-count 41

If you have some artifacts on the plot (some depths appear with a much stronger density), adjust the -x-count to one more unit compared to the number of sub-depths (40 and 41 in this case). Vs is plotted down to 4 km with a step of 100 m in this case.