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Geopsy considers two types of signals:

  • original: they are linked to an existing file on a disk, i.e. they belongs to a permanent file. They are created by importing files. The time-series of these signals are NEVER touched nor modified by Geopsy. All basic signal processings always generate temporary signals.
  • temporary: they are usually created by basic signal processings. They are located only in memory without any link a permanent file.

Life time

Temporary signals are automatically deleted when they are not referenced any more. Referenced means included in a signal viewer or part of a group. Hence to keep a temporary signal always maintain it in an open signal viewer.

When temporary signals are included in a group, they must be saved in a new permanent file. Rules for saving these signals are set in the preferences.

Note: saving automatically temporary signals through groups is not working perfectly. A safe alternative is to export produced signals and to import it.