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SeedLink client issue

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:07 am
by sbirro
the SeedLink client behaves in a non-standard way when requesting streams to the server, clicking the "Connect" button on the "Seed link signal loader" window.
After the initial "HELLO" command, it send a "DATA" command, then the "INFO STREAMS" command.
The problem is that the "DATA" command, if the station has not been put in multi-station mode with a proper "STATION" command, requests the server to end the handshaking and start sending data.
After the handshaking end, only "INFO" commands should be accepted, so no problem with the following "INFO STREAMS" command, but a server that implements the protocol strictly following the documentation will ignore the "STATION", "SELECT" and "DATA" command that the client sends when clicking the "Start" button.

The documentation I'm referring to is at
The Geopsy version I'm using is 2.8.0, geopsypack-2.4.4.