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Geopsy (3.3.3) doesn't save the *.hv file

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:13 am
by luigiV
Hi Marc, I downloaded today the 3.3.3 release and unfortunately not even this one can save * .hv files.
I was convinced, after your assurances, that this function was fixed, but I see that it is not so. Too bad, I hope you can solve this problem which is very important otherwise all relaeses after 2.9. they cannot be used in Windows environment.

Re: Geopsy (3.3.3) doesn't save the *.hv file

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 9:21 pm
by admin
Hi Luigi,

I've just tested it again under Linux with 3.3.4-preview, and it works fine. I will check it tomorrow under Windows and with 3.3.3.

Best regards,