1. Introduction

This manual documents how to use Dinver and related tools. It corresponds to version 1.0.0.

Dinver is a complete framework for solving inversion problems with the Conditional Neighbourhood Algorithm or Monte Carlo technique. The main originality of this inversion method over its ancestors (e.g. the Neighbourhood Algorithm from Sambridge 1999, M. Sambridge's home page) is its hability to handle, in an objective way, all physical conditions on the paramaters. Any inversion problem must be coded into a plugin (a dynamic library). The first plugin developed was related to Surface Wave inversion (dinverdc), documented here. This documentation also includes tutorials to guide you into the construction of new inversion plugins.

This software is available under all common platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows) and released for free under the GNU Public License. Please refer the installation section for details.

This manual is still under construction, sections will be added progressively. Any contribution are pretty welcome. Do not hesitate to submit your article, especially documenting new inversion plugins.